Using Lycon hot and strip wax. Virtually pain free and can remove hair as short as 1mm.

Australia’s Lycon Wax contains the finest natural resins, bees wax & sensuous aromatherapy oils to deliver superior performance, removing hairs as short as 1mm. Super pliable and gentle waxes, provide a nurturing and skin conditioning treatment for extra comfort, even on the most sensitive skins.

Half Leg Inc. Knee  ~  £23

Full Leg  ~  £35

Lip  ~  £9

Hot Wax Underarm  ~  £17

Hollywood  ~  £35

G String  ~  £23

Brazilian  ~  £32

Bikini  ~  £21

Half Arm  ~  £17

Full Arm  ~  £23

Face  ~  £32

Chin  ~  £12

Chest  ~  £38

Back  ~  £38

Eyebrow Thread  ~  £12.50

Eyebrow Wax  ~  £12.50


Using pressure that suits the individual, it’s time to relax and let us de-stress you with your choice of massage. using oils that are going to sooth, hydrate and penetrate, it’s an all over wonderful body neccessity.

Perfect as a gift for a friend or loved one or as a regular treatment to keep knots and tension at bay.

Therapeutic Head Massage  ~  £35

Full Body  ~  £60

Back Neck & Shoulder  ~  £35

Luxury Back Neck & Shoulder  ~  £45

Massage including mud mask to purify and detox the back area.

Foot and Leg Massage  ~  £35

1 hour Swedish Full Body Massage  ~  £60

1 hour Lava Shell Massage  ~  £75

90 minute Lava Shell Massage  ~  £90

30 minute Pregnancy Massage  ~  £40

1 hour Pregnancy Massage  ~  £55


Hands and feet are easily neglected. Keep nails neat and cuticles at bay, with a wide range of colours to choose from.

We will expertly evaluate the nail area, listen to any concerns and then give you the manicure or pedicure of your choice. Using the incredibly luxurious CND range, your hands and feet will come away feeling completely nourished and groomed.

Nails Shape & Paint  ~  £20

Mini Manicure  ~  £22

Manicure  ~  £32

Man-icure  ~  £28

Male grooming.

Luxury Manicure  ~  £40
Includes hand exfoliation, deep condition cream and heated mitts.

Mini Pedicure  ~  £24

Pedicure  ~  £35

Luxury Pedicure  ~  £50

All the benefits of a pedicure but with longer foot and leg massage, a cooling and hydrating foot mask and heated booties to help absorb the oils, and mask.

Shellac nails high shine, 14 day wear  ~  £35

Removal included.

Shellac Recolour  ~  £35

Shellac Removal  ~  £15

Shellac Pedicure  ~  £38


LVL adds length, volume and lift to natural eyelashes. With no extensions, no adhesive and no mascara.

LVL Lashes  ~  £50

Eyelash & Brow Tinting  ~  £25

Eyelash Tint   ~  £17

Eyebrow Tint   ~  £12

Brow Shape & Tint  ~  £23

Body Experiences

White Chocolate Body Experience  ~  1 hour 30 minutes £75

This treatment is wonderful for Detoxifying -Exfoliating- Nourishing & Hydrating your skin!

The Moor spa White Chocolate Body Experience is a body wrap designed to relax the senses and leave the skin feeling beautifully moisturised. The aroma is rich chocolate and the wrap contains cocoa butter, Shea butter, vitamin E and marshmallow, which help reduce antioxidants and have a soothing and moisturising effect.

The treatment consists of a full body salt exfoliation then application of a white chocolate and marshmallow mask on the entire body, and finishing off with a skin quenching moisturiser.

Algae and Seaweed Body Experience  ~  1 hour 30 minutes £86
The Moor spa Algae and Seaweed Body Experience is a body wrap containing Moor Water, kaolin, algae, seaweed and comfrey. Formulated to help clear toxins, soothe the skin and help absorb excess from the skin to give a slimming effect. The algae and seaweed help with skin elasticity, for a youthful feel. You will begin with the indulgence salt scrub and then we apply the mask and wrap you up so you are warm. After 45 minutes the product will be removed by shower and then back for the body oil massage experience.

Moor Spa Complete Body Mask Treatment  ~  1 hour 15 minutes £75
The Moor herbal body mask has evolved over 20,000 years which makes it extremely rich in minerals, vitamins and nutritious for your body. This treatment is a must have for anyone suffering with aching muscles, joint pain, problematic or dry skin. It’s a natural exfoliator and also an aid to rid the body of toxins and waste.

We begin by cleansing the whole body with our spa energising shower gel. This will help the mask penetrate deeper to the skin giving maximum benefits. The warm mask is applied and we wrap you in our insulated wrap. Whilst the mask is activating we can carry out a facial or head mask or you can be left to sleep for 40 minutes. You will then shower the mask off and we will complete the treatment with applying our quenching body oil whilst massaging the stress and tension out of your body.

The Indulgence Salt Scrub Treatment  ~  30 minutes £35
A wonderful treament fro the skin.

This treatment is ideal for leaving the skin soft and smooth by effectively exfoliating the skin while the Quencing Oil moisturises. This treatment can be used on the whole body or just specific areas.

Perfect beofre a holiday or if your skin feels dry, irritated or if you haev a day/evening out that you want perfect glowing soft skin.


Environ’s vision has always been to make the best skin care in the world, through a philosophy of well researched, scientific skin care.

As a brand environ perform extensive research and development to offer you exceptional skin care products. They strive on integrity and keeping the meaningful promises we make to our consumers by offering the most effective skin care range that science permits. Formulated by Dr Des Fernandes, a world-renowned plastic surgeon, the range contains a unique combination of active ingredients to protect and nourish.

The Frown Treament  ~  45 minutes £95
This highly effective treatment uses a special penta-peptide serum to target frown lines and achieve dramatic results. The unique combination of active ingredients is driven deep into the skin to soften lines and reduce muscle tension in the forehead, helping to prevent new lines forming. The treatment targets the same chemical complexes as injectables without the associated risks.

Active Vitamin Treatment
1 hour – 3 area ~  £70  |  1.5 hour – 10 area  ~  £85
Packed with nourishing anti-aging ingredients, the active vitamin treatment will leave your skin looking radiant and dewy. The freshest, most active forms of Vitamin A, C and antioxidants are driven deep into the lower layers of the skin using state-of-the-art technology. This scientific approach stimulates collagen, softens lines and improves elasticity while increasing hydration and boosting radiance. The active vitamin treatment is suitable for all skin types and is particularly effective at addressing sun damaged, pigmentation, aging, dryness uneven skintone and scarring with measurable difference in just one treatment.

HydraBoost Treatment  ~  1 hour £95
The perfect antidote to a dry, lacklustre complexion, this intensive treatment deeply hydrates while plumping and firming the skin. Based on Hyaluronic Acid, it helps to reduce fine lines caused by dehydration and increases the plumpness of the dermis, resulting in moisturised, glowing skin.

Environ® Cool Peel  ~  1 hour £70
The Environ® Cool Peel targets sun damaged, lined skin and uneven skintone, it’s also great for rosacea and problem skin. Its gentle but effective formulation protects the epidermis so there is no excessive redness or recovery time.

Environ® Hands On  ~  £50
For clients who want to relax and experience the Environ products this lovely treatment to have. The Environ® Hands On facial includes a pressure point scalp and face massage to totally relax you.

Precision Treatment  ~  30 minutes £50
This time effective treatment targets specific areas of concern, using unique skin care techniques that ensure effective results. This treatment is perfect when time is limited.

Purifying Treatment  ~  30 minutes £50
Created to purify micro-exfoliate and re hydrate your skin, this particular treatment assists with the treatment of acne, scarring and deep skin conjestion. The combination of scientifically advanced products and techniques revives and refreshes your skin, leaving your skin like new.

Ultimate Facial & Body Massage
Relax whilst we give you a totally indulgent facial and massage treatment. Perfect when you are in need of a pamper or want to treat someone special.

Facial + 30MIN Back + Neck + Shoulder Massage ~ £80

Facial + Full Body Massage ~ £100

Wedding Makeup

Bridal Trial  ~  £50

Bridal (On The Day)  ~  £65

Bridesmaid/Mother of the bride  ~  £50

Travel fee : call out charge of £100 

Pamper Packages

Hen Do Pamper  ~  from £60 per person
Start your hen do off with some luxurious and relaxing treatments that will leave you feeling throughly pampered whilst enjoying quanlity time with the girls.

Our Hen Do Pamper includes a choice of 2 treatments:

  • Manicure
  • Pedicure
  • Back Massage
  • Environ Express Facial

Light refreshments included. Minimum 4 ladies.

Wedding Pamper  ~  4 hours £220
The day before your wedding can be stressful so come and unwind at our beauty boutique. Leave feeling relaxed, refreshed and beautiful for your big day.

The Wedding Pamper includes:

  • A refreshing Environ Hydraboost facial for glowing skin
  • Shellac Manicure and Pedicure
  • Full Body Wrap and Scrub
  • Light Refreshments

Groom the Groom  ~  2 hours £125
After all those last minute preparations why not spend a few hours making sure you look and feel your best on your big day. Your last few hours of freedom include:

  • A Man-icure to soften your hands, neaten the nails and make sure you’re ring ready!
  • An Environ facial to re-hydrate the skin
  • A Lava Shell Firmer, Deeper, Back, Neck and Shoulder Massage
  • We’re always happy to add on an eyebrow wax or back wax….just let us know.

Mother Daughter Day  ~  3 hours £200 for 2
Precious time together and what better way to enjoy it than being thoroughly pampered. Unwind in our shared massage room enjoying a full body massage, then head upstairs for a manicure and oedicure whilst enjoying some light refreshments. Why not book in with the incredible hair team for a blow dry beofre carrying on your special day. Treatments can be upgraded or adapted on request.

Couples Pamper  ~  2.5 hours £200 for 2
A wonderful treat for couples wanting to spend a few hours unwinding together. The couples pamper includes:

  • A de-toxifying salt scrub. Leaving your skin soft, de stressed and de-toxified.
  • Full body Swedish massage, working on your specific areas of tension and stress.
  • Guys will have their nails trimmed and smartened up whilst ladies enjoy a manicure with coloured nail varnish of their choice.
  • Light refreshments

Solo Pamper Day  ~  2.5 hours £150
Come and enjoy a few hours peacefully drifting off whilst in the care of our friendly and experienced beauty therapists.

Start with a full body scrub and de-toxifying body wrap. Whilst warm and snug we will give you a deep cleansing Environ facial. once showered let us finish off with a back neck and shoulder massage to leave you in a complete state of harmony.

Girls Night  ~  from £30 per person
Late night opening on request for your girls night. Enjoy light refreshemnts on arrival whilst getting pampered. Packages start from only £25 per person for a single treatment. Call to discuss treatment options and budget!

Birthday Princess Pamper  ~  £25 per person
The perfect party for the under 12s. Included in your birthday celebration is:

  • Indulgent Hot Chocolate and Cupcakes
  • Mini Manicures with hand massage and nail polish of your choice.
  • Mini Pedicures with foot massage and polish

Teen Pamper Party  ~  £30 per person
A great way for your teenager to celebrate a birthday, for a pre-prom pamper or to celebrate finsihing exams.

We will perform eyebrow shaping whilst letting each party member watch so they can learn tricks of the trade! Learning the dos and don’ts of eyebrow shaping.

You can then relax whilst having a mini manicure and pedicure whilst enjoying hot chocolates and cake.

We can add treatments to this pamper on request, facials, back massage pr head massages are all a popular add on.

Tanning Party  ~  £25 per person
For groups of 4 or more come and have a St Tropez party! Come and let us turn you into bronzed goddesses. Upgrade to have exfoliation beforehand for £30.

Holiday Package  ~  £200 for two
– Full leg wax
– Brazillian wax
– Underarm wax
– Shellac manicure and pedicure

Pregnancy Pamper  ~  1 hour 45 minutes £85
Let us help you relax, unwind and rest your pregnant body. The pregnancy pamper includes:

  • Pedicure with defuffing leg and foot massage
  • Back, Neck and Shoulder Massage
  • Head Massage


All pamper parties will require at least 2 weeks notice. A deposit of 50% is requested at time of booking. Please let us know of any allergies on booking so we can cater appropriately. All pamper parties can be altered and treatments added on request. Minimum of 4 people for parties and girls night.

Call 01227 636969 to book an appointment